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D2YC 2014

Dhammaduta Development Youth Camp (D2YC) 2014 is back with an exciting theme called “Now You See It, Now You Don’t”!

The theme is derived from the Buddha’s teaching of Impermanence. We aim to inspire teenagers to realise life’s greatest lessons, to appreciate and feel gratitude about the things and people around them in their journey of self discovery with the guidance of the Dhamma.

The sessions in D2YC 2014 will introduce and incorporate various Buddhist values and skills such as:

  • four noble truths
  • five precepts
  • noble eightfold path
  • self-development
  • public speaking
  • interpersonal interactions
  • teamwork, fellowship and many more!

Come and discover how these aspects of personal growth are related to the Dhamma. If this sounds a bit too heavy and serious, no worries! It’s all done in a relaxed and fun manner!

Date: 15th December 2014 – 20th December 2014

Venue: Shah Alam Buddhist Society, Shah Alam

Contact Person: Bro. Darwin Ng 012-307 8808 / Sis. Emily 014 – 937 3122

For more info on D2YC 2014, drop us an email at

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