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D2Y Camp-X 2014

Tips on things like hard work and leadership are very common and available to everyone. Therefore, for this year’s Camp-X theme, we are taking the other route to discover the lesser known, more subtle aspects of self-development, less technical side of success. Things like emotional intelligence, balance and priorities, interpersonal communication, and the right mental attitude are amongst the aspects that will be explored.

Come and discover how these aspects of personal growth are related to the Dharma. If this sounds a bit too heavy and serious, no worries! It’s all done in a relaxed and fun manner!

Date: 29th August 2014 – 1st September 2014

Venue: Forest Breeze, Melaka

Contact Person: Sis. Siew Lin 016-657 6712 / Bro. Darwin Ng 012-307 8808

For more info, please contact us at