And Thats it for CNY Caroling & Lion Dance 2011

CNY Caroling Fellowship Lion DancePublished February 16, 2011 at 1:45 AM

A month or so of practice,

2 bloody dedicated Caroling Masters (so much until they’re literally scared of CNY songs),

a team of lion dancers, boys & girls alike who were amazingly perfect (well almost la),

and a total of 45 people who sang their hearts, and voices out.

There can only be one way to describe Sunday’s overall performance from house to house. It was totally a D2Y classic. Full of spirit and semangat.

I am impressed really. This is the first time we’ve had so many people show up on Caroling Day. One bus load. Thats really alot. I guess the credits really have to go to Carmen and Zi Jie for successfully motivating an entire bunch of kids to sing happily cheerfully and loud when it really mattered.

Either ways, it was a great finish to a pretty successful Caroling event and all of you who participated deserves full praises for giving it everything you’ve got.

For now, enjoy the break, and we’ll be back with our next activity sooner than you’ll know.


Zheng Guan

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