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D2YC IntroductionPublished January 5, 2011 at 6:20 PM

So you’ve heard about CNY Caroling already, which practice starts this coming Sunday. But wait, thats not all, we@D2Y have a whole year long of activities planned out and if you’re curious enough, here’s a chronological order of activities and events that we have planned for the smashing year of 2011.

First up,

Buddhist Can Kick (January 22)

Organized by the SJBA Youth, Buddhist Can Kick is the inaugural futsal tournament for Buddhist youth groups. This is a great way to show the world that we Buddhist youths can be active in sports as well. And for that reason, D2Y will be showing their support by participating, sending a team of kickass futsal players and hot hot hot cheerleaders. For those who are interested however, the futsal team is already full at the moment but if any of you ex-camp participants are eager to show their support for us, our Cheer team is still recruiting (I reckon). Just approach Sis. Weng Si who will be spearheading the Cheer team and ask to be put in.

CNY Caroling (Feb 13)

As mentioned earlier. Feb 13th will be the date where a bus full of roaring geared up youths turn up at your house to sing Chinese New Year songs.

Camp X (May)

Yes! There will be Camp X this year!! Prior to what we’ve said about Camp X being held once every 2 years (last Camp X was last year), we’ve decided it be more beneficial for all parties (and fun) if we had it this year as well. So yea, while details of Camp X are still blurry and still disclosed at the moment, do keep your ears open for updates regarding Camp X. One thing for certain however is that it will be held in May. Cheers!!

Wesak (May)

What are Buddhists without the celebration of Wesak? I’m not going to go into the history and background of Wesak because I am assuming all of you people reading this are versed enough on the coming of Wesak. As for us however, no major plans are in motion yet, but do expect D2Y to turn up with soaring spirits, in red, for Wesak, wherever we may be.

D2Y 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner (August)

To those who attended D2YC 2010, you may well be aware that 2010 marks the 10th coming of D2Y as a roving group of Buddhist youths. To celebrate that proud milestone, there will be this grand gala dinner sort of function. Once again, details are still unclear but do keep an eye and ear on lookout and mark August off your calenders because that is when it should be.

IBS Games (September)

Organized by BISDS, IBS Games is like THE Buddhist Sports Day. This year will be the 3rd year it will be held, assuming it will be and it is another awesome not to mention successful way of promoting Buddhist fellowship and sportsmanship among the Buddhist community. Once again, D2Y will be entering, and you can fully expect and large crowd of sporting red youths at the IBS Games wherever it may be.

D2YC 2011 (December)

And, last but not least, CAMP!! Our one big project every year. It is not something to be missed, because missing it will be at your own loss. It is still early days however, but you can expect updates for D2YC 2011 to start appearing on Facebook especially come September or October.

And thats is all for now, I hope all you guys are now pumped up for another spectacular year of D2Y because I definitely am.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    you forget about PAD? which is ONCE every two year.. and we should be having it this year?!?!?!?!

  2. Tuan Tynn says:

    It’s the Gala Dinner lah. You would know if you came to the meeting, anonymous :D

  3. Seannnn :DD says:

    Weeeeee ;DDDD

  4. SimYi says:

    When is camp-X? :D wanna see got chance to join or not ^^

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