Camp-X 2012's Countdown – 10 Days

Camp XPublished August 8, 2012 at 1:28 PM

Greetings from D2Y,

We are 10 days away from THE DAY where we shall travel 30 km in an almost an hour ride away from Kuala Lumpur city to a small eco resort in Hulu Langat and to spend 4 days & 3 nights there.

Some may ask what is there to do at such a ‘HuLu’ place with no air-conditioning, Golden Screen Cinema, Wifi connection etc and it’s not like we are related to Tarzan who like climb trees and speak to wild animals. There’s nothing much to do there! Booooooorrrriiiinnngggg! If this ever cross your mind, then YOU should really get OUT of your comfort zone and join us in our mind blowing Camp X 2012. This is a camp specially planned for youth who are so accustomed to their daily lives and always do as they are expected, told, behaved in such a way more or less influenced by peer pressure. Here, we will show you what it is all about to be DiFferent through our more physically engaged workshops such as natural obstacle course (not the average you seen that is built using chairs and tables only) and many more that will blow your mind, at least WET, if you don’t mind. So, are you brave enough to make the change, do something and be different ? Even ‘One Direction’ share our vision…. ‘that’s what makes you beautiful‘.

Meanwhile, the organizing committees from weekly meetings have gone down to daily and nightly meetings just to ensure that things are prepared at the fullest and up to your expectation. 10 days are short but looking at the enthusiasm in the organizing committees, it’s more than enough to achieve wonders, especially at a venue not explored by many. What we can tell here is, we are good to go!!! and you shall be PART of it.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us now @

More updates coming up after the organizing committees have the first taste of Jungle Trekking this coming Sunday and we shall share with you our experiences then.

Haw Lun