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OMG I am so so sorry people, for leaving this blog half dead. Got a job recently and re-adjusting my own biological clock and time so….

Anyways, just so y’all know, D2Y aint done for the year, and we have the next best thing of the year coming right up…CAMP X!!

As many of you may realise, we @ D2Y are constantly on the lookout for fresh new blood to join our ranks of crazy whacky dhamma ambassadors, and of course to carry on the torch as the future generation of Dutarians since the core of us aren’t getting any younger. (Try running camp for 5-6 years and you’ll understand what I mean)

However, we of course do not simply accept all applications to be part of our insane group. Quality control if you get my drift. I mean we wouldn’t mind the merry crowd when the situation allows, but most importantly we really appreciate talent and those who have the potential to be future leaders.

Hence this is where Camp X comes in.

Camp X, used to run annually before it became biannual and now its back to its annual basis. Here, we prep you with all the ammunitions you need to be a true Dutarian; A leader.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re not leader material actually, because at Camp X, we allow you explore your inner self, discover hidden talents and groom you for the future. We train your confidence, allow to voice out your thoughts, feelings and have no fear in front of others.

But most importantly, we build bridges between friendships. Kalyana Mitras that will last a lifetime. Think you’ve got it all from Camp One? Think again. You’ll really appreciate the true value of friendship and brings you closer with one another and also with us of course.

So whats there to lose? Prolly a couple days of weekends, some skipped lessons, delay in homework, but its very much worth it. Because its very much time well spent.

So why wait? put your name down and say, “Yes I AM COMING!!”


- Sasanarakha Buddhist Sanctuary, Taiping, Perak


- 3-5 June (I checked. Its school holidays for high schoolers). and only open to the FIRST 30 WHO SIGN UP, first come first serve basis, so do hurry. we need to plan also…


- Must I say more?


- Here’s the tricky part. Its only open to all ex-participants, BY INVITATION ONLY! so if you’ve heard of it but not sure if you’re invited, please feel free to contact me (Zheng Guan) via facebook/msn/twitter/skype/handphone or Bro. Haw Lun (check him up on FB if you don’t know who, @Allen Khor on FB)

How (to get there)

- Simple. We will provide you with the transport. you don’t have to worry or trouble your parents to send you all the way. Just sign up and be at Brickfields Maha Vihara on the date. we kowtim the rest.

So hope to see all of y’all there!!



Camp X 2010!!!!

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