Everyone Can Contribute!

We, the Dhammaduta Youth (D2Y), have a vision that every Buddhist youth can realise their full potential & contribute to the community through the development of personal skills and spiritual awareness. To serve as a springboard for this development, since year 2001, we have been organising youth camps to convey the practical application of Buddhism and positive values in their daily lives. In the process, not only many have benefited as participant of the camp, but the committees too have benefited from this platform to learn, train and practice their leadership skills.

Having said that, none of these would happen without the continuous support and kind contribution from D2Y members, generous hosts, parents and certain anonymous individuals. We are thankful to their continuous supports as it was them who indirectly caused the continuity of Dhammaduta works possible.

As we grow, we realise that many would like to volunteer and contribute to the camps. However, we can only accommodate limited number of volunteers due to circumstance of the camp. Nonetheless, we very much welcome those who still wish to contribute to the camp in the form of monetary contribution or in kind to the camp.

To allow us to continue conducting and improving upon D2Y camps, we would like to ask for your generous support. Any form of sponsorship is valuable and greatly appreciated.


Item donation Unit Price per unit (RM) Total Targeted Amount (RM)
Milo Softpack 2kg 9 35.00 315.00
Condensed Milk 5 4.00 20.00
Apple (12pcs) 5 13.00 65.00
Orange (12pcs) 5 10.00 50.00
Watermelon 10 6.00 60.00
Lemon (5pcs) 1 6.00 6.00
Jacob’s Weetameal Biscuit 7 12.00 84.00


Cash donation Estimated amount / unit (RM) Total targeted amount (RM) Number of sponsors required x Amount per sponsor
Snacks Sponsor – RM100 100 x 1 100 1 x RM100
Beverages Sponsor – RM350 350 x 1 350 7 x RM50
Fruits Sponsor -RM200 200 x 1 200 2 x RM100
Main meals for participants & helpers
100 pax @ RM5.50 per meal
(5 lunches + 4 dinners)
5.50 x 100 pax x 9 meals 5000 10 x RM500
Breakfast meal
100 pax @ RM4 per meal
(4 breakfasts)
4 x 100 pax x 4 meals 1600 8 x RM200
T-Shirt for participants
T-shirt printing
150 pax for RM13 per shirt
12 x 150 pax 2000 4 x RM500
Program Expenses
Prizes, stationery and materials required to run activities and workshops 500 x 1 500 5 x RM100
Logistics & Venue
Temple Donation 800 800 1 x RM800
Secretariat and materials for participants and helpers
Stationery sets, name tags, files and booklets 600 600 1 x RM600


Invitation to Contribute.

We wish to humbly invite you and your organisation to contribute to D2YC 2017. We are most grateful of your support and welcome any amount of contribution to help in the expenses of D2YC 2017.

For donors of RM50 and above, we would like to acknowledge and reciprocate your kind support by giving:-

i. One (1) Camp Shirt; and

ii. One (1) D2Y recycling bag.

If you would like to make contribution in kind, please contact us for our wishlist. You may reach us at:

2. Sis. Eloise (011-3975 0129) or Sis. Sophia (016-471 8557)

D2YC 2017 Sponsorship Form
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  4. Method of Contribution:
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  6. T-shirt size, for donation of RM50 and above.

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We thank you for your kind contribution. May the blessings of Triple Gems be with you and your esteemed organisation.