D2Y: Lost & Found!

Introduction Lost & FoundPublished January 12, 2011 at 2:50 AM

Sigh…this wasn’t my ideal blogpost title. Wanted to write something more related to our upcoming CNY Caroling event. But unfortunately, my camera’s CF memory card decided to hike it at the last minute and crucial-was-going-to-be-used-pictures were gone just like that. But never mind, you can look forward to that post later next week I suppose.

For now, I want to write about a Lost & Found case.

This, is what we (me and Ron) found after going missing for A YEAR!!!

WenYuin the Penguin!

Yep…gone for a year! Imagine that. Coincidentally though, she was supposed to be our Caroling Master last year, until she too decided to hike it last minute…just like my memory card.

Anyway, for those of you who are wondering siapa leng lui ini, its Wen Yuin. Another doctor wannabe. Well if you do see her on the streets, remember to be nice and say hi. Afterall, one day she may be the one holding the scalpel and knife standing over you in the operation theater…

Thats it for today, and I look forward to bringing you more exciting news D2Y related or non-related soon. If only my memory card didn’t crash….



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