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D2YC IntroductionPublished January 10, 2011 at 2:30 AM

And so I’ve been thinking up ideas on how to make this blog more active, young and happening. Trust me its not easy plonking yourself down in front of the pc thinking of creative ways to play around words. It drains energy and a substantial amount of creative juice really.

But nevertheless, I did come up with something.

What I’m going to do is to introduce a D2Y Word Dictionary on a regular basis. It will consist of words that are rampant and commonly used among us Dutarians, and it will also help describe us as a group and working unit.

(Do not worry, it will not be anything of 18-SX or 18-SG)

The first word that will be introduced, and also one of our best traits – SS, better known as Syiok Sendiri.

We are young and exciting. That much speaks for itself. And to be able to achieve that, there is no better way other than to have elements of SS. Teens love fun and if you’re going to part of a youth group that only sits around all (no offence to anyone really), you’re going to feel bored and out of place real soon. Therefore it is always important to have a bit of fun even during serious moods just to light up the atmosphere a little bit. You’ll find that life becomes much more clearer and your goals would suddenly magically become easier to achieve.

And we really excel at that. Being merry is what we really do best. Sure we can be dead serious and focused when needed, but we also know how to let off and have a bit of fun too. Sometimes it may just be a lame (think Wei Wing) joke, or it could be Ron laughing out loud, so loud even birds fly far far away. But whatever it is, we know how to have our fun. It is really hard to actually put into words how SS we can be. All I can say is, you’ve gotta join us to find out more.

Sometimes I myself don’t really see the SS side of us from an outsider’s view, because afterall, its called Syiok Sendiri. Which probably means only those related to an inside joke will get the joke. Make any sense?

Well I’m truly sorry if it doesn’t. Its 2.30am now, probably explains why….But it would be totally awesome if you readers out there could drop us a comment on how SS we are.

till the next post,


Total SS shot: See the front, all committees. figures right? XD

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6 Comments to “D2Y Word Dictionary: SS”
  1. Sheong says:

    i love Gary’s face expression the most! xD

  2. WinG says:

    And why am I specifically mentioned behind the word LAME?!!

  3. Tuan Tynn says:

    Hahahah Naise………..

  4. Lex says:

    Sheong:who are u talking abt?

  5. Chandima WanFeng says:

    Haha omg, the picture…*paiseh* but then again, THAT WHO WE ARE!

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