Introducing……Your Caroling Masters!

CNY Caroling IntroductionPublished January 19, 2011 at 8:18 PM

Da Tuan Yuan…Da Tuan Yuan…

Don’t you just feel the hype of Chinese New Year coming along? Sorry if you don’t, but I do! Every shop or mall that I’ve been to so far has been blasting CNY songs like crazy. And that just can’t fail to get you in the right mood.

Throw in a week or 2 of CNY caroling practices and somehow you’ll find yourself humming CNY songs to sleep. Trust me, been there done that.

Speaking of caroling practices, I’m really surprised…amazed really. Its been 2 practices to date, and surprisingly we’ve had consistent numbers of 30-40 ppl showing up. Thats gotta be a first in history I reckon. Which ultimately also leads to us scratching heads over transportation on the actual date because if this goes on, 1 bus ain’t enough to pack all of us in.

But thats, another story.

Today, I’m going to shine the light on 2 brave junior Dutarians who took up this “massive” Caroling task. Give em’ credit ya. Not really an easy job, getting 15-16 year olds to come every Sunday just to sing songs. So far it has been great.

First of all….*drumrolls*……

Lets have Sis. Carmen Lee!

Carmen in the cap

I call her *Sis Carmen* but really, she’s one of the guys. Not because she looks like one or sounds like one (actually her voice is super charming) but its because she is super sporting just like one. Friendly and unflappable with an occasional burst of extreme blurness, she’s fun to be around with and she usually lightens up the atmosphere by telling jokes. Even though most times her jokes fail.

Nevertheless, she’s one character that has brought a lot to D2Y and we really love her. If any of you people reading this want to know more about Carmen, do leave a comment. :)

Next up…*drumrolls*

Bro. Zi Jie!

ZiJie on the lolly

One of the most soft spoken characters around the D2Y comm, you may actually recognize him as Bro. Zee Jee as pronounced wrongly by Alex during camp last year. Don’t let his soft spoken-ness fool you though, he actually has a cunning and funny side. You just need to bring up the right topic.

Again, as one of the newer ones around the D2Y family, we’re really glad that you can take up this “challenge” of CNY Caroling. Some of us older ones are getting tired. hehe

Well thats it for today. Do look forward next week, for an exclusive “gallery” of sorts of your caroling masters.

Till then, cheers!


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  1. Tuan Tynn says:

    Woooohoooo!!! Thank you for being our awesome caroling masters Carmen & Zi Jie!
    Sadhu sadhu sadhu!!! =D

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