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CNY Caroling D2YC Lion DancePublished January 3, 2011 at 4:31 PM

Well hold your horses, because besides going house to house singing Chinese new year songs. We@D2Y also specialize in lion dance and we are probably the first Buddhist youth group in Klang Valley to have our own lion dance troupe. I may be wrong though, so do correct me if I have misstated facts.

But nevertheless, if you guys want to experience being part of the lion head, or tail or even as the drummers or percussion team, do stay back after this Sunday’s caroling practice. This is because Lion Dance practice will start at 3.30pm till maybe 5.30pm.

So if you’re hyper, jumpy and full of energy, why not come join the lion dance troupe? We are always on the lookout for fresh blood. Just come along and meet Bro. Fuh Lin, our very own troupe master and learn some skills that kills from him


Original Troupe

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6 Comments to “Lion Dance Troupe”
  1. WinG says:

    Aren’t we awesome? :D

  2. ZhengGuan says:

    hehe hell yea we are!! haha

  3. Fuh Lin says:

    specialise? master? walao~~~

  4. Sheong says:

    eh…. I just check it out… D2Y aint the 1st Buddhist Lion Dance Troupe in Klang Valley. There are some other Chinese Buddhist Youth Group like Thien Hou Temple have established it long time ago… Cheers mate.

  5. ZhengGuan says:

    hahaha appreciate it mate..i knew it was too good to be true…but oh well…first english based youth group perhaps. hahaha

  6. Sheong says:

    a mixed group perhaps….cause those groups, if im not mistaken only allow guys to participate.

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