Ole Ole D2Y Boleh!

BFF FellowshipPublished January 21, 2011 at 8:31 PM

And so we’re just hours away (a night’s sleep away actually) from the inaugural Buddhist Fellowship Futsal (BFF) and I daresay I’m getting excited.

The BFF is an inter-Buddhist youth groups futsal tournament organized by a small group of SJBA Youth members and needless to say like all happy and sporting Buddhists, we (D2Y) are joining too. Show support a lil…fellowship purpose, you kno, the works.

But here’s why I’m excited. Personally I love football/futsal. We’re talking about passion here. And here is one sport that when we play, we shout out our spirits and we be singing our youths. Its a brilliant team game, that even if you’re technically not sound, you can still win. Although with more skillz that killz its always better….

I have always believed that futsal would be a great bridge to Buddhist fellowship bonding. Well here’s the opportunity. You can bet I’m darn excited. Of course i’ve gotta say kudos to those who came up with such a brilliant idea.

Now to serious business. After a couple of team practices, we are ready! Not exactly in prime condition but I think we’re peaking nicely for tomorrow’s competition. Heh.

For those who aren’t involved in kicking the ball, fear not, you are most welcomed to come and cheer for us at the USJ 19 De Stadium. Just be there by 8am and wear red. The more the merrier seriously.

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ps: i’m gonna pray to the footballing gods for an awesome performance by D2Y tomorrow. anybody wanna join?

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  1. ananda says:

    Good luck guys…

    ps:’Pray’ properly coz if you don’t your prayers will not be ‘answered’ hehehehehehehehehehehehehe

  2. Carmen says:


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