Registration closing in approx. 24 hours

Camp XPublished August 14, 2012 at 2:56 PM


As promised, here we are with our latest updates about D2Y Camp-X 2012 which is happening in less than three (3) days! So much have been planned and done for the last weekend, as well as the number of participants that shoot up from half to what we have now.

Well, where do we start when there’s so much to tell? We suppose you guys are expecting something on… jungle trekking? Yeah! Nur Lembah Pangsun Training and Eco Resort, Hulu Langat is definitely the right place which is different and worth travel there for a difference. Notwithstanding its hulu strategic location in the middle of no where (geography failed) and left with few bars of edge signal, it is also located in one of the Tropical forest in Malaysia. Unlike those you seen in twilight, you don’t find snows, mountain and scattered trees but you will find yourself in a humid jungle surrounded by river, stones, insects, leeches and trees grown so closely to each other with branches all over the place, last but not least, a beautiful waterfall! Of course, the journey to the waterfall will not be as pleasure as it sounds as the word ‘trekking’ do mean that you are not walking in Pavillion with marble floor and proper escalator. So, be prepared to get dirty, wet, and muddy, perhaps even bloody if you’re a close friend of leeches.

sneak peep of the waterfall

Next, we also test out some of in-house facilities offered by the resort. In order to not spoil the surprises, what we can describe in simple terms the resort have to offer and what we did are, we climb and we crawl, we hang and we slide, sweaty and muddy as it is, there’s no turning back, as the only way forward is going up and falling down. To be really honest, the visit had taken its toll on us despite we cheated by driving to the entrance of the jungle trekking site instead of walking, the ‘in-house facilities’ really is putting our stamina on test. I am sure the you all young energetic youth are more physically capable than more grown up people like us. If you are still complaining being ‘old already’, then we guarantee you that you will feel wild, young and free again after the camp.  Perhaps by the night, we could sing … ‘tonight, we are young, so let’s set the camp on fire...’.

more sneak peep

Are you tempted now?! it’s not too late to register now even though there’s only few places left but we could always accommodate one or two more if you are the keen type that we are looking for. So, hurry up and register now and if you still can’t make up your mind, do call up any of us to get a mind push.

Looking forward to see you on Saturday morning, 10am.