Welcome D2YC 2011 – Do 8 Right

D2YC FellowshipPublished October 7, 2011 at 3:26 PM


The team that have brought you the best December holidays throughout the years!

Its that time once……D2YC 2011!!!

Not yet, but a month is not a long time to go and seriously, its high time to start planning your December schedule pronto!

As many of you would have known, D2Y have been regularly organizing camps since 2001 and this will be our 11th camp.

I shall not reveal too much regarding camp, except that our theme,…. is -  “Do 8 Right“.

Sounds cliched? Think again.

Think it’ll be the same old camp from previous year? You’re Wrong!

Want to know more? Stay tuned for more WEEKLY UPDATES!!!!

For now, you’re doing yourself a great favour if you could start registering now!

Just head to:



to either register online or download the camp forms.

Till then, adios!

ps: remember to come back in a few days or a week for more updates!

The Awesome guys and girls from the previous years are back once again!

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