Dhammaduta Youth – D2Y

Dhammaduta Youth (D2Y) is a Klang Valley Buddhist youth that organizes projects and activities such as annual youth camps, self-developmental workshops, go-green initiatives, Chinese new year carolling, and many more.


To our home for all things about D2Y!

Dhammaduta Youth

Thank you for visiting our little cyberspace corner. Please put your feet up, have a sip of tea, and let your mouse bring you into our wacky and strangely educational world.

If you find the contents of this site meaningful and fun, we are gladdened. If you were tricked into coming here, we don’t apologize for it since it wasn’t our fault.

What We Do

Our activities aren’t all just fun and games. We are aware of the responsibility we have towards the youth who have committed their time to us. While many activities are aimed at bonding and strengthening friendship, just as much emphasis is placed on personal development and Dhamma knowledge.

We aim to:

  1. To channel bundles of dynamic energy that energetic, emotional and passionate youths have into a positive and constructive outlet.
  2. Believe in and applying Dhamma-in-Action.
  3. Encourages the youth to open up, speak their minds and contribute back to society.


Kalyana Mitras – is a Buddhist concept of “spiritual friendship” within Buddhist community life, applicable to both monastic and householder relationships. One involved in such a relationship is known as a “good friend”, “virtuous friend”, “noble friend” or “admirable friend”.


Our diverse activities promise there is something for everyone. We have youth camps, leadership camps, lion dance, Chinese New Year Carolling, sports event and collaborations with other Buddhist Youth. Lots more fun activities awaiting our friends to join us at D2Y!

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