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AGM 2012: Installation of EXCO 2012/2013

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“We are one, sure very fun”. This was once the saying used by the “SS gang”. With the installation of the new EXCO for the term 2012/2013, we now have members from the “GenG Kool” joining the Dhammaduta Youth Executive Committee for the next twelve (12) months, whereby the combination of two significant elements, fun
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D2Y AGM 2012

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AGM 2012 @ 8th September 2012, Buddhist Maha Vihara (1.30pm-4pm) What will be the agenda? Past event and activities will be briefed, and all departments will account for the tasks that they have undertook and carried out. The new board of Exco will be installed on this day, as well as selection of new Exco
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Inter Buddhist Youth Fellowship Games 2012

BFF Fellowship Syiok SendiriPublished September 12, 2012 at 1:31 PM Comments Off

Thank you for your participation in D2Y Camp-X 2012. If you would like to find out more about the camp, you may visit Pictures and blogs are also available in the fans page. MORE COMING UP NEXT! INTER-BUDDHIST YOUTH FELLOWSHIP GAMES 2012 ATTENTION: Change of Venue for this Sunday’s games, 9/9/2012 – now @
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