Hey you,
Mark this date, 27th November 2011, Sunday on your calendar!

Because this will be the LAST DAY to register for D2YC 2011 that is happening in Shah Alam Buddhist Society on the 11th – 16th December 2011.

We are extremely pleased to announce that there have been a massive amount of registrations pouring in these last two weeks and we are THAT close to reaching our target number of participants. =)

It is two weeks to camp. The energy is high and still building during camp meetings. The committees have planned an amazing agenda and we cannot wait to meet the participants of D2YC 2011! We are pretty sure that you guys are also excited for this year’s dose of D2YC!

So, if you have yet to register for D2YC 2011 and you are extremely keen to join us for a memorable year-end camp, you can either:-

a) Register online HERE


b) Print out the registration form HERE and hand it in to us at our registration booth on the 27th November!The registration booth will be located outside the Sri Dhamma Hall, Buddhist Maha Vihara from 11am-1pm this Sunday.

See you in D2YC 2011! =)