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D2YC Fellowship Introduction Special Syiok SendiriPublished August 19, 2011 at 12:38 PM

Its true the saying that once you meet a Kalyana Mitra (spiritual friend), you’ll treasure him/her for the rest of your life because these are the true friends that you can really count on.

Thus its with great regret that we at D2Y will be bidding farewell to Tuan Tynn come Saturday, 20th August, as she will be flying off to the US to further her studies. Whether she comes back or not, we are totally unsure.

Usually its not a big deal when someone leaves for studies, but in TT’s case, its different.

To those who are unaware, she has been the D2YC camp president for the past two years and is also D2Y chairman for 2 years (if i’m not mistaken). The amount she contributed to D2y in terms of leadership and ideas and initiating events are priceless and therefore she deserves a good sendoff.

Here’s what TT had to say before she jets off to the Land of Dreams.

Q: How did you first get involved in D2y?

A: I joined as a participant back in 2006 and I still kept in touch with the likes of Jason and Haw Lun and when I got invited to join The Race back in 2008, I thought why not since I had the time. After that the likes of Haw Lun and Nicole eventually persuaded me to come and help out.

Q: How was it like back in 2008, becoming a camp organizer for the first time?

A: It was a bit different from being a participant and straightaway I was given the task of organizing Station Games with Jason. However the thing about D2Y is that everyone is friendly and there was no feeling lost as I felt at home straightaway.

Q: After the first year of helping out in 2008, you were asked to take on the role of camp manager in 2009 and was reluctant at first. What persuaded you to change your mind?

A: Well I get to make the camp PINK!

Q: Seriously?

A: Haha a minor reason yes. But actually I relented to taking up the role because there was the guarantee of people who will help and support me. It was also a personal sense of achievement and motivation having joined the organizing committee just a year ago and being entrusted with a leadership role so soon. In a way it was a learning process and it was through D2Y that I learned a lot especially as how to become a leader.

Q: So how was the experience of being camp manager for the first time?

A: It was actually quite good and there weren’t much hiccups throughout camp. I guess I was being too strict, tensed and stressed up at times which set the entire mood for camp and honestly I did not even know I was being that way until last year.

In a way I was a bit of a perfectionist then and I wanted to pull it off nicely and make sure the camp is up to standards.

Q: And you’re no longer a perfectionist now?

A: Well maybe still a little, but I’m not that much of perfectionist anymore and it was all through D2Y. In D2Y things can happen in an unpredictable way and I’ve learned to take things easy and relax a little.

It means I’m not so “gan jeong” anymore and I do not push people to do things like I used to because I now know that things will eventually fall into place.

Q: So how did that affect your second stint as camp manager?

A: Haha, well last year’s camp was definitely more messy compared to 2009. Back then I used to know everything that was going on, from one activity to another. Last year I took a more laidback approach because I know it’ll be all right in the end and the result was a mess in some activities such as the committees’ sketch.

Q: So in overall, after being with us for 3-4 years, how do your rate your time with D2Y? And your best memory of D2Y perhaps?

A: I definitely can’t have a best memory with D2Y because every experience that I gained with the gang matters a lot to me and each is a good memory in its own way.

D2Y is forever laughing and there are always jokes among ourselves, never a dull moment at all. I’ll definitely miss D2Y a lot when I arrive in Michigan because of all the good times we’ve been through.

We had so many inside jokes, stuff that I might see in the US which may remind me of D2Y and the people back here but the effect isn’t the same anymore. Instead of telling you guys face to face or even through a phone call, I can only tell you guys online.

I will definitely make new friends there, but it will never be the same.

Q: Thats sweet of you. So any final words for the D2Y gang here before you jet off?

A: Yes! Please do’t tag me in any pictures of camps or outings or events! That’ll only make me feel lonely and jealous and it’ll make me feel worst!

Well we’ll miss you TT. we had much good times indeed and hopefully you’ll come back someday.


ps: to those who wanna catch a final glimpse of her before she flies off, contact me (Zheng Guan)

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