“We are one, sure very fun”. This was once the saying used by the “SS gang”. With the installation of the new EXCO for the term 2012/2013, we now have members from the “GenG Kool” joining the Dhammaduta Youth Executive Committee for the next twelve (12) months, whereby the combination of two significant elements, fun & cool are goona be what you shall expect from the activities / events undertaken and organized by the new Board of Executive Committee 2012/2013:

President : Bro. Haw Lun
Vice President a.k.a OD : Bro. Wei Wing & Bro. Chung Kai
Secretary & Asst.: Sis. Weng Si & Bro. Alex Tee
Treasurer & Asst.: Bro. Melvin & Bro. Jonathan
Logistic & Asst.: Sis. Siew Lin & Bro. Shashi
Media & Publicity : Sis. Nicole Dang, Bro. Allen Tan & Bro. Wai Leong
Members’ Representatives: Sis. Amy, Sis. Emily Chang, Sis. Meng Xi, Bro. Jason Yau

During the AGM held on 8/9/2012 evening, the new president of D2Y had revisited and reviewed the directions for D2Y in this upcoming term. He presented the idea of 3R to his new Board of Exco and other dutarians in hope that the 3R module can strengthen the bond in d2y family and notwithstanding that also bring the family to the next level by raising awareness of existence of d2y to the general public. In this 3R module, 3R stands for Reconnect, Retain & Reach Out. In order for the group to continue to be known as a family, it shall have the elements of reconnecting the past-members / participants, retaining the current and existing members, and also reach out to our bro. sis. body such as other Buddhist Youth around Malaysia. With these elements in mind, we believe the d2y Buddhist Youth can truly be called and felt exactly like a ‘family’ one day.

Lastly, let us congratulate and welcome all the new d2y Exco who have voluntarily commit themselves to this good course and to serve the Buddhist Community. May the Triple Gems bless them with good health, happiness and peace.