Camp X: Weekend Escape From The City

Camp X D2YC Fellowship SpecialPublished June 14, 2011 at 1:43 AM

By Tan Tuan Tynn

Introduction: D2Y Camp X was held from 3rd till 5th of June at Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary (SBS) in Taiping, Perak. Compared to our annual year-end D2YC, it focuses more on matured content that helps develop leadership & teamwork qualities among participants. Participants are expected to reflect on their actions and think critically as well.

Our journey began when we reached the foothill in Taiping after a 5-hour bus ride from Brickfields, KL. To go up the hill, we all had to ride in their lorries and trucks. It was a first time experience for most of us to take a ride on the back of a pick-up truck as we ascended the steep slopes of the hill. Personally, I hope my screams & laughter did not scare the animals living at the hills. I had loads of fun sitting at the back of the truck with the happy campers!

Truckload full: Trip on a truck. Believe it or not, its either a beat up truck like this, or walk 30 minutes.

The highlight of the first day at SBS definitely had to be the activity carried out at night. The dark, mysterious and quiet camp venue was a perfect setting for a spine-chilling game. And knowing our habits from past camps, some of our participants saw it coming.

Honestly, I was a little nervous about it at first and was looking forward to be freaked out that night. But somehow, while I was guiding my group around SBS, it wasn’t scary one bit ! It was pretty romantic in fact, to see the sky filled with stars and fireflies flying around us. Teehee.

The story here is that there are many ghostly spirits in SBS that has not been put to rest. We had to guide each group to stations to perform various rituals in order to calm the spirits down. There was a chained ghoul (Alex), the gate keeper (Juwee), undead bodies (Melvin & Sim Yi) and the possessed (Jolyn). I was quietly snickering to myself watching my friends behave “ghostly” that night.

The next morning, we used the camp venue to our advantage for morning exercise. Participants had to run around the hilly area in search of the stations to get the committees’ signature. Each signature obtained entitles them to a privilege for breakfast, such as the privilege to have a chair to sit or to have cutleries to eat during breakfast that morning. I was in-charge of one station and participants had to complete whatever task I assigned to them. Different people got different tasks to complete.

Unfortunately, everyone managed to get all our signatures so no one had to eat breakfast with their bare hands or sit at the table without a chair…

Needless to say, I camwhored with most of the girls who came to my station.

That afternoon, we brought everyone to the waterfall. It was a 15-minute walk through the jungle. We were so tired when we finally reached the waterfall but exhaustion aside; we quickly got into the cold waters and started playing! It was really fun and I found everyone laughing a lot while playing in the waters. It was truly an enjoyable time for all of us at the waterfall.

Throughout camp, we encouraged everyone to speak up and voice out their opinions. And since Camp X is a leadership camp, we had each participant go forward to share on the last day how they feel about their contributions in the group and the leadership qualities they each possessed. It was a great exercise as we were able to listen to each and every participant speak. We even had their friends give constructive feedback for each of them, which made it a very meaningful session. I’m sure everyone walked away with a fresh outlook on themselves.

And that… was the perfect conclusion to our awesome 3-days-2-nights camp in Taiping. (The jokes in the bus journey home is a different story :P )

Camp X 2011 – the spirit lives on forever

P/s: this post was entirely written by Tan Tuan Tynn with only minor modifications due to regular blog writer unable to attend Camp X because of work circumstances.


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