AGM 2012 @ 8th September 2012, Buddhist Maha Vihara (1.30pm-4pm)

What will be the agenda?
Past event and activities will be briefed, and all departments will account for the tasks that they have undertook and carried out. The new board of Exco will be installed on this day, as well as selection of new Exco members. Any d2y member who is interested may volunteer for any of the Exco position provided always that he /she has the dedicated to serve the group of d2y over the next twelve months with all his/her hearts. For more info, turn up on that day to hear us out!

Who is eligible to attend?
If you are interested to join the Buddhist Youth network/ community and get involve in event organizing, then you are welcomed! For those who had attended / participated in any of our previous Dhammaduta Youth Camp or other activities are also invited, for we need all the support we can get to keep the group active and growing.

Contact Person for more information : Wei Wing (016 6781620) / Haw Lun(012 2830656)