In the midst of planning our upcoming D2YC 2012, Dutarians have never forgotten to do our part as Buddhist Youth. On the 14th October 2012, D2Y volunteered and participated at the 2nd BGF Food and Fun Fair at SJK(C) Yuk Chai, Taman Megah. It was my second time attending this event, and I was pretty excited about the event!

Volunteers busy preparing the items for sale at the respective booths

As early as 8am in the morning, fellow Dutatrians arrived at SMK Yuk Chai and help set up the stores, preparing for the event. This year, they had more stores compared to last year. There were stores being set up inside the hall, as well as around the school field. We volunteered at one of the food booth in the hall that sells nasi lemak, tom yam meehoon, curry and other local favourites. Packing the noodles and nasi lemak into plastic container had been quite an experience and I would say it’s not as easy as we always see how those nasi lemak kakak did it.

LiSynn & Justin in action too.. They look good in aprons, ain’t they?

Susan packing the nasi lemak

Whilst others are busy getting the products ready at each booths, our D2Y lion dance troupe were also busy dressing up for their opening ceremony performance whereby this year ‘I heard’ there were four lions instead of our usual Red and Orange. There were also two Blackie forming the team, collaboration with lion dance troupe of Sri Sentosa. Unfortunately, I was not there to witness the opening ceremony. Thus, I will leave that to the pictures to tell the story. Hehe…I bet they were AWESOME!

There were so many foods and drinks on sale, and it all looked so delicious and yummy! My RM10 voucher was not even enough to last me the whole day!! And even though our nasi lemak and tom yam meehoon was a bit too pricey, there were still a lot of people who came to buy them, all for one Cause, to raise fund for the new BGF Building in Ara Damansara. Before 12pm, all our nasi lemak had literally sold out!! Me and my other friends took turns to man the booth, or rather ‘woman’ the booth.

At approximately 12-1pm, the hall started to really packed with peoples, and most of them came with their whole family and children. The great music and emcees made the environment so lively and energetic! Adding on, there were also performances such as magic performance, singing performance, dancing performance, colouring competitions as well if you’re not too old for it, and many more! On top of that, we also took this opportunity to promote our upcoming D2YC 2012 to parents who may be interested to send their children to camps.
And when it comes to D2Y, all work and no play is a big “no-no” for us. While some of our friends were ‘women’-ing the booth, some of us went to check out the games at different booths. Hehe… And we even have the whole dunking machine to ourselves for nearly an hour, trying very hard to dunk our friends into the tub (and as well as drilling a hole in our pockets), ~~well, most satisfaction and happiness came with a price~~!!

Sadly however, all good things will have to come to an end. At 3pm, everyone started packing and cleaning up the hall. While some of us helped with the tables, chairs, carpets, etc., others were also busy cleaning up the booth, and calculating the coupons earned…Well… sorta…

Overall, although it was a tiring day for some of us (who had been there early in the morning), it was still kind of fun volunteering together with our friends. I had tons of fun myself, and I really enjoyed the performances! I really hope that next year’s BGF Food & Fun Fair will be another exciting one!

~~Siew Lin~~