Hi guys!

time for another update me reckons..hehe

Camp prep has been progressing pretty……well.

We’re following true on schedule and planning one of the best camps in recent years for all  you teens out there.

Routine stuff yea…

But thats not what I wanted to write about.

Since we’ve been organizing D2YC for the past years, I figured its a good idea to bring some of you back down memory lane. Especially those of you who are not too familiar with what we used to plan.

Many of you many know that D2Y love dance, and every year there’s bound to be a dance “class” for morning exercise or during our opening/closing ceremony.

And here’s one dance that we’ve really really haven’t done in a long long time……..Para Para Sakura!

hehe..remember Aaron Kwok’s famous song? no?

well here you go

Aaron’s Para Para Sakura

But yea, we used to perform a pretty mean feat of that dance, so much so that it became one of our favourite dances…well not all of us. hehe

But that is one dance that we seriously haven’t did in a long time…the last being D2YC 2006?

I would show you a video of us doing that dance, only, there’s no such video…pity.

Good old times indeed.

I daresay we’re still able dance Para Para now (forgot the steps already), but with our current young and upbeat group of committees, I wouldn’t bet against them.

It be nice to do the Para Para again, but only by popular demand…..(get the hint?)

Anyways, have I gotten your attention already D2YC 2011? I’m telling you its going to be a blast.

But if I’ve failed to convince you to check out D2YC 2011 – happening from Dec 11-16, at Shah Alam Buddhist Society (SABS), worry not, because I’ll be back with more updates!

So stay tuned!


and metta.


wow look at the date on the pic! hehe