Hey guys!

Its November already, and we now have TWENTY registered participants.

60 more to go. Hurry Up!.


Anyways with T-minus 41 days before the camp of the year, I’ve decided to take the opportunity to introduce to all you readers out there – the dedicated one who’s in charge of this year’s camp.

Those who came last year and the year before, you’ll probably recognize Tuan Tynn as the camp boss. Slim, fair, pretty young lady who can be pretty fierce at times.

But she’s gone now, off to the Land of Dreams – USA to further her studies and in place we’ve got someone who’s just as capable, but sans the looks.

That was a joke.

Please *drumrolls* welcome, Carmen Lee – D2YC 2011 Camp Manager!

Good looking Carmen…..hehe

I don’t wanna describe her much. All I can say is she’s fun and spontaneous, and at the same very capable indeed (or else she would not have became camp manager).

Come visit us at our promo booth every Sunday at BMV and get to know her. She’s definitely friendly, and she won’t bite.

Also, this is her first time holding such an important post, so guys, do go easy on her. hehe.

Anyways, thats all for now. Look forward to more updates in a couple days time.

Remember…60 MORE SLOTS TO GO!!