It’s the season of giving! While Buddhists do not celebrate Christmas, we are well aware of the JOY OF GIVING. The practice of giving, or dana in Pali, has a preeminent place in the teachings of the Buddha.

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A warm thank you to all generous and kind donors and volunteers, we managed to raised RM1240 and has donated the following items to Ti-Ratana Welfare Society:

  1. 1000 pieces of 3-ply adult face mask
  2. 1500 pieces of 3-ply children face mask
  3. 400 pieces of disposable hand gloves
  4. 100 pieces of disposable apron
  5. 10 boxes of Soy Dupro milk powder
  6. 10 bottles of body shampoo
  7. 9 bottles of shampoo
  8. 20 packs of eat21 vegan cookies
  9. Various children vitamin supplements donated by parents of Hansel & Gretel Child Development Centre

In conjunction with Hansel & Gretel Child Development Centre, we have also handmade and packed over 200 gingerbread man cookies and marshmallow for the children of Ti-Ratana Welfare Society.

Once again, thank you for spreading the joy of giving! Your kind gesture, big or small, are truly appreciated.

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