Hey all, Carmen here!

This is my first time contributing to a post on www.d2y.my and I am really excited! I’ve got a few things to let you readers know but I will have to K.I.S.S (keep it short and simple) as I have to rush to class in 5 minutes. They are really important so do read till the VERY end. =)

1) The number of participants who registered for D2YC has been increasing steadily and if you do not want to miss out an incredible experience at D2YC 2011, sign up HERE immediately to book your spots! =)

Take note that the closing date for registration is approaching and it will be announced soon .

2) D2Y and its Lion Dance Troupe will be making a presence at the BGF FOOD FAIR on the 13th November 2011, this Sunday at SJK(C) Yuk Chai from 9am to 3pm! We will be having our Camp Registration Booth there and we will be expecting to receive many more on-the-spot registrations!

If you would like to meet the people behind D2YC 2011, know a little bit more about D2YC, register for D2YC 2011, or bask in the lively atmosphere of the Food Fair, do drop by our lovely Camp Registration Booth.

3) D2Y will be running a Green Project during the BGF Food Fair so if you would like to do your part in preserving Mother Earth, do drop a post at our Facebook group or contact Chiew Wei Wing at 016-6781620.

See you at the BGF Food Fair this Sunday! =)